With informed knowledge of the international meat market, and strong contacts within the industry in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Chile today AgroSocio provides beef brokerage service for many international companies from: Australia, Mexico, USA, Canada, Russia, Ireland, UK, Holland, Belgium, Dubai, Kuwait, Palestine, South Africa, Trinidad Tobago, Jordan, Philippines, etc.

Each of these markets have different requirements in terms of quality, elaboration, variety, packaging and regulation, which makes controlling the complete process crucial to the success of business.

White/Milled Rice Paddy Rice
Brown/Cargo Rice 100% Broken Rice
Parboiled Milled Rice Brown Parboiled Rice
Double Long Grain Rice (Doble Carolina) Medium and Short Grain Rice

AgroSocio has successfully integrated its two main business units (Foreign Trade and Field Management) by exporting grain in containers. The consolidation of containers, whether in the fields or plants themselves, is fundamental.

Logistics and document control are transformed into a mainstay since its coordination to consolidate containers to entry into port and subsequent shipment and arrival at destination.

Soy Indonesia Uruguay
Corn Malaysia Paraguay
Sorghum Vietnam Argentina
Wheat Japan

In 2016 AgroSocio introduces itself in the timber market. Developing a close relationship with the local and regional forest industry. Today AgroSocio has an export platform from Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.

Within the range of timber products, we offer a wide range of value added goods. From the log of the tree, to the sawn lumber with the processing degree that the client and the market demands.

We provide the technical and commercial support that our customers require in different markets. Among them, we export to: Mexico, USA, Guatemala, Peru, Vietnam, China, Thailand, India, Turkey, among others.

We offer the documentary and logistic service throughout the export process, which becomes very demanding in terms of the necessities of different markets based on their qualitative needs of product and loading consolidation.

Pinus Elliottii Log or roll México Uruguay
Pinus Taeda Sawn timber USA Argentina
Pinus Radiata Plywood China Brazil
Eucalyptus Grandis OSB Vietnam Paraguay
Eucalyptus Globulus MDF India EE.UU.
Eucalyptus Camaldulensis Fenólico Perú
Tropical Species Thailand
dairy products

In January 2005, AgroSocio makes it’s first export of dairy products from Uruguay to Philippines. At the end of 2006, the variety of products grew, reaching UHT milk – long life, butter, milk powder, among others; to destinations such as Russia and Vietnam. AgroSocio had a constant export activity of dairy products, mainly towards Singapore and China, as well as butter towards Russia. Long-life milk (UHT milk) is still a very demanded product in Southeast Asia that AgroSocio visualizes a lot of potential for its growth.

With increased milk production in Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina, the region’s milk exports to the world are rising and this is a challenge / opportunity in which AgroSocio is fully focused.

Today AgroSocio exports a wide variety of dairy products: from cheese, boutique products and dairy concentrates to demineralized whey and by-products. We are in contact with the main dairy industries of Uruguay and the region, providing technical and commercial service throughout the dairy chain. In this way, we aim to satisfy in all aspects our customer’s needs according to each market’s demand.

Long Life Milk Rusia Uruguay
Butter China Argentina
Milk Powder Singapur Brasil
Demineralized Whey Cuba Paraguay
Cheeses Filipinas
Concentrates Argelia

With knowledge of international markets, strong relationships in the meatpacking industry in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, today AgroSocio offers an export of beef and pork meat companies in USA, European Union, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Philippines, Ireland, Vietnam, China, South Africa, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, South Africa , etc.