farm management
Today, AgroSocio manages over 20,000 hectares of land spread over more than seven farms owned by varying investing groups, the largest of which is Southern Harvest Partners, a global investor in agribusiness projects since 2003. All of our foreign investors purchase land in Uruguay, with the intent of using it to develop agribusiness projects.

Business/Service description:

  • Full production, technical and commercial management.
  • Company Administration: payments, salaries, expenses, etc.
  • Business strategy, planning and financial management.
  • Sale of supplies to Producers (fertilizers, seeds, chemicals, etc) .
  • Comerce of Products to the Industry (seeds, wool, grain, etc).

cattle brokerage
AgroSocio’s representatives are strategically located in three of the most essential markets of cattle trade in Uruguay: South (meat packers zone ), the East (cattle breading zone ) and West (cattle feeding zone). The Cattle Brokerage business not only gives AgroSocio an important competitive advantage in the ‘farm management market,’ but also up to date information on local market trends.

Business/Service description:

  • Cattle sales between farmers.
  • Cattle sales from farmers to the meat packers.

investing products
AgroSocio is constantly analyzing investment opportunities within the agribusiness sector. An example of this is the “AgroSocio Invest”: a project that allowed non-landowners to invest in cattle back grounding. This investment tool played a vital role in the company’s position as a respected and sophisticated business. AgroSocio focuses on modern and innovative services.

Business/Services description:

  • Cattle investment projects for non-land owners.
  • General Agribusiness investment opportunities.

real estate
A couple of years ago, AgroSocio broke into Uruguay’s competitive and traditional market in the agricultural Real Estate business.
A wide variety of farms are regularly offered to potential farm buyers. Currently, AgroSocio offers investment projects and business plans together with farms purchased by investors. AgroSocio manages the projects and completes the production goals mutually agreed by all parties.

Business/Service description:

  • Farm purchase, sales and rentals.
  • Creating investment projects and developing business plans.