From its inception in 2000, AgroSocio has seen steady growth. The partners developed an innovative business plan focusing on land management and the local trading of cattle and agricultural supplies (such as fertilizers, agrochemical products and seeds.) In 2001, the company developed a new venture, “AgroSocio Invest;” a project that allowed non-landowners to invest in cattle back grounding. “AgroSocio Invest” helped to create strong relationships with local and foreign investors, as well as farmers and meat packers.

By January 2002, AgroSocio was able to offer its services to companies searching for beef by-products. AgroSocio conducted extensive research to find these by-products in the meat packing industry, extending their research beyond the borders of Uruguay to the Mexican, Brazilian and Australian markets.

Later, during the same year, a prominent Argentinean investment group assigned AgroSocio to manage a cattle breeding farm project in Uruguay. This was the first step taken by AgroSocio as a agribusiness management and consultancy firm, now in charge of more than 18,000 hectares in South America. Currently the services offered by AgroSocio, extend to, not only cattle back grounding and feeding farms, but also agriculture.

By 2003, an American and a Mexican company became AgroSocio’s first beef clients. Both trusted AgroSocio to efficiently provide them with firsthand knowledge of the Uruguayan market with both professional and efficient services. From this relationship, and the incorporation of many new clients and markets, the “International Trade Division” started and had a significant growth. Today, AgroSocio coordinates the purchase, quality assurance, exportation and logistics for a diverse group of clientele in the South American region (specializing in Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay). The main products AgroSocio’s work with include: beef, lamb, pork, poultry, rice, dairy, citrus fruits and grains. The main destinies for these products are: USA, EU, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Philippines, Vietnam, Palestine, Jordan, South Africa, Hong Kong, Norway, Dubai and Kuwait.

Our Team

Juan Martín Scasso
Juan Martín ScassoDirector
Joaquín Berenbau Giuria
Joaquín Berenbau GiuriaDirector
Ignacio Berenbau Giuria
Ignacio Berenbau GiuriaDirector
Agustina Medina Gorriarán
Agustina Medina GorriaránDpto. Financiero & Contable
Magdalena Marqués
Magdalena MarquésDpto. de Comercio Exterior
Magdalena Pessano
Magdalena PessanoDpto. de Comercio Exterior
Gabriel Cassarino
Gabriel CassarinoDpto. de Comercio Exterior y Serv. Agropecuarios
Fabian Franzese
Fabian FranzeseArroz-Argentina
Raul Lanza
Raul LanzaDpto. de Comercio Exterior
Matilde Gil
Matilde GilDpto. Financiero & Contable
Juan Diego Pesce
Juan Diego PesceDpto. Hacienda (Comercial)
Carolina Gonçalves
Carolina GonçalvesDpto. Administrativo - Contable
Madelón Beceiro
Madelón BeceiroDpto de Calidad
Gerónimo Terra Brause
Gerónimo Terra BrauseDpto. Financiero & Contable
Alison Vignola
Alison VignolaDpto. de Comercio Exterior